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PPStream is another popular P2P program used for streaming video over the Internet. The latest version of PPStream has just been released around the end of June 2007.

Installation of PPStream is in English but once installed all the menus are in Chinese even in the latest version.

There are lots of live Chinese P2P Sports channels on PPStream including Shandong, Star Sports, SXTV, SHTV, CCTV 5, Guangzhou, Guangdong and many more

PPStream Download

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Once downloaded and installed, the PPStream window is divided into 3 sections. On the left hand side there is a list of channels to choose from, on the right is program picks and other announcements and in the centre is the built in Media Player which plays the live streams when chosen.

There is also 3 columns within the player, the left column is the channel name, the middle one shows the quality of the stream measured in kb/s and the right one shows the number of users connected to that particular stream - The higher this number is the more stable the stream will be.

It is much easier to simply find the channel you require of this site and click on the 'play' button this will then launch it in PPStream for you!


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