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P2P Sports Channel list


In order to play the channels simply download the P2P program from the menu on the left, click on the play link from the table below and the relevant program will start.

The Sports Channels are checked regularly, some channels may not be up 24 hours a day. If a sports event is listed in the schedule and the channel is still not up by the start time then please report the dead link here

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  TVAnts PPStream Sopcast PPMate TVU PCast UUSee
Fab TV         Play    
FSN World     Play   Play    
Free TV Play   Play        
Free Play            
Free Greek Events     Play   Play    
FSC Play       Play    
Fox Sports Turkey     Play        
Fox Sports Play   Play or Play   Play    
FSN         Play    
Fox 5 Play            
Fox 8 Play            
Fox 23 Play            
Fox 31 Play       Play    
Fox Sports Espanyol     Play        
FSI Play            
Fraggle TV     Play        
France TV Play   Play   Play    

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